Charykel Concept Limited imports and supplies high quality polycarbonates ( superior polycarbonates) and stock high violet ray shade fabric imported from South Africa. Our services include the following:

Importation and stocking
We import and stock several shade materials including shade nets and superior polycarbonates. Our shade nets are used to build carports, urban shade and tents, they are of very high quality and durable. Our Danpalon offers substantial psychological benefits in all works and living spaces Nigeria.
Free Site Survey

Charykel Concept Limited gives you the best in personal service providing a FREE survey of the area you would want to construct your shade structure. When we are to build a carport for you, the very first thing we do is to listen to you in order to know your specific need. Then we would carry out a free survey of the area where you would want to construct your carport or build your danpallon structure in Nigeria. From our research findings, we would be able to advice on your options and let you decide what you want. Our experts surveyors will give you on the spot advice on designs, costs and installation procedures. They are also there to assist you in making the right choice, with no pressure at all

Bespoke Design
We can offer a very professional design for your swimming pool. It is essential that your swimming pool looks fantastic so that when it is not even being used for swimming, it is still an asset to your property. We have the experience and knowledge to design beautiful, easy to manage and efficient swimming pool and will be glad to even participate in planning the scheme right from the onset.
Fabrication and Installation

After many years in office, we have acquired the facilities and the know-how to design and install a unique structure that will match your existing building or compliment any architectural style. Our trained installation team are specialists in canopies and carports erection. They have a professional approach in providing you with a quality installation to match the quality product we offer.

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